SafeShowings App
image of 3 hands holding mobile phones looking at safeshowings app

SafeShowings App Now FREE to Florida Realtors Members

This clever and easy-to-use mobile app helps keep you safe while showing a property — and keeps your sellers safe too.

Florida Realtors® has partnered with SafeShowings and is offering this safety app free of charge to all members.

According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, of its 1.3 million members, 38% report they’ve been in a situation where they feared for their personal safety. That’s just under half a million Realtors!

That's where SafeShowings comes in. 

Safe Showings mobile app was developed by South Carolina Realtor Helen Hudson after she experienced a situation that made her fear for her personal safety.

The smart, simple to use app lets you record the buyer’s name, automatically capture exact GPS addresses, and it prompts you to take a photo of each potential buyer. 

Since its launch in the App Store and Google Play in April of 2020, the SafeShowings app has been used by nearly half a million people. 


Here's how the app works:

  1. First, you set up a list of emergency contacts.
  2. Then, you capture a secure image of the client's face at the beginning of the showing. After the showing ends, you click "end showing."
  3. If you fail to press "end showing," all your emergency contacts will be notified of the exact location and time, and authorities will have a secure image of the client's face.

Not only does this app help keep you, the Realtor, safe. It also deters criminal behavior because you have photos and contact info of all the potential buyers.