Disaster Relief Assistance

How to Apply for Help from the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund

Here is how members of the Realtor family can seek help from Florida Realtors after a disaster.

The Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund was established to raise and distribute funds for members of the Realtor family who have experienced substantial damage or loss to their residence or office due to a disaster.

Minimum qualifications to request assistance

Applicants must be a member of the Realtor family prior to the disaster and whose home or real estate office has sustained serious physical and/or structural damage to include but not limited to water intrusion.

The following types of damage may not qualify for assistance from the Disaster Relief Fund: loss of or damage to outbuildings, cars, boats and recreational vehicles, pool and patio enclosures, pool pumps or pool equipment, blown shingles, personal property, landscaping including downed trees and debris removal, loss of perishable food, fencing, driveways and sidewalks, office signage, other minor damage, and loss of income.

How to apply for disaster relief assistance

Attach the following items:

1. The attached application must be completed in its entirety, including appropriate signatures, and must be accompanied by:

  • Color photos showing damage (digital preferred) and insurance summary page showing deductible and coverage information; and
  • A written assessment from your insurance company and estimate to replace or repair damaged areas; and c. Include qualifying repair receipts to date and any additional information which may assist with describing your disaster and subsequent damage.
  • Qualifying repair receipts to date and any additional information which may assist with describing your disaster and subsequent damage.

2. Two separate applications are required if both your broker office and residence sustained damage and they are not in the same location.

Instructions for application completion

The list below corresponds with the numbering on the DRF Application. If you have any questions regarding the completion of the DRF Application, please contact Florida Realtors at 407- 438-1400 or email drfclaims@floridarealtors.org

1-5. Complete your business and Florida Realtors membership information.

6. Signature of the applicant seeking assistance. Please note that only brokers may apply for office damage relief.

7. Check appropriate boxes to indicate if residence/office is owned or rented. If filling an office application, please note if you are in compliance with local zoning and/or association rules. Fill out the address of damaged property if for personal residence.

8. Note date and type of disaster (e.g. 2005 Hurricane Katrina). Answer the question concerning anonymously utilizing your images.

9. Describe the damage that is shown in the photographs.

10. Note the name of the insurance company and the deductible amount.

11. Note the address to which you would like approved claim funds sent.

12. The application must be signed by only one of the following members from your local board/association: President, Office, or Association Executive.


Send the application and noted documentation to the email address or physical address noted at the bottom of the application.

Download the forms