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We're Looking for Florida Realtors Faculty Members

Find out how attending our Learning Centered Instructor Workshop can help you launch your career as a real estate educator.

Interested in becoming a Florida Realtor Faculty Member?  We would be happy to provide you the information on the steps to do so!

The first step in the process is to attend a Learning Centered Instructor Workshop (LCIW). LCIW is a different kind of instructor-training program. It puts much greater emphasis on what students retain and learn rather than on an instructor’s “performance”. 

Research conducted over the past couple of years has revealed what does and does not promote retention and learning and the LCIW focuses on what does!  

About the program

The program is a two-day, 16-hour experience. Class size is limited to no more than 20 participants. Every participant delivers at least three critiqued presentations over the course of the two-day training program, one of which they work on overnight as part of a homework assignment (there is a fee to attend). This program addresses:

  1. How to speak and present more effectively
  2. How to facilitate classroom activities and exercises more professionally
  3. When and how to tell stories, use case studies, etc., for greater impact
  4. How to use and not ABUSE PowerPoint and other visual aids
  5. What to do, and NOT do, to increase learning
  6. How to make the learning process more fun & enjoyable

Please note, once approved as a Florida Realtors® Faculty Member all classes are booked and taught at the Local Associations only, using our copyrighted PowerPoint and student text.  Contact:  Nicoleg@floridarealtors.org for more information.