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Use Old School Manners in a New World

Communication changed in the past 20 years, but the need for it hasn’t. No matter the form, customers want regular, transparent and respectful connections.

CHICAGO – In the real estate sector, professionals must communicate in a transparent, regular and respectful manner.

Successful communication is a deliberate activity. It requires agents to actively avoid distractions.

In a survey of recently closed clients, lack of communication is the leading complaint. As a result, agents should establish a communication climate that lets clients feel comfortable. They should invite clients to ask questions and answer them sincerely and promptly.

Because of the pandemic or just changing times with younger customers, some prospective clients may prefer communicating through Zoom or the phone. But when the phone rings, agents should answer it instantly, even if they need to tell the caller they’ll call back in a few minutes.

Agents should also take detailed notes in their phone or notebook and follow up when they say they will. It’s not just the information – it’s an element of trust.

Another key step is confirming appointments with clients to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When it comes to social media agents should answer quickly, courteously, and in a professional manner if a message or a comment is warranted. Conversations that start on social media can be continued through Zoom or phone calls to connect in a more personalized way.

If mistakes happen, agents should apologize and own the problem and pledge not to do it again. The aim is to generate new energy, focus on excellence moving forward, and ultimately build trust. This also give others more leeway to be human too.

Source: Realtor Magazine (01/12/23) Harris, Tim; Harris, Julie

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