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Know the Fundamentals of Content Marketing?

Dear new Realtors: Solid, well-placed content can grow your business – but where do you start? The overall goal is to get a regular audience to trust you.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents who know the fundamentals of content marketing can grow their business.

The process starts with creating and distributing valuable, pertinent and consistent content. The goals are to draw and keep a clearly defined audience through trust, and to impel profitable customer action.

Agents employ content marketing to establish themselves as authorities, produce leads, cultivate relationships with potential clients, and enhance their search engine rankings.

Content is key: Creating appropriate content starts with defining the target audience and selecting the most relevant topics for that audience. Agents should also focus on the most suitable type of content that target audience prefers, whether it’s blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos or something else.

The next step: Create a content calendar that outlines what to produce and when to publish it, followed by a promotional strategy.

Finally, agents should make sure it’s working by tracking the results via analytics tools and tweaking the strategy based on the results.

Source: Realty Biz News (03/03/2023) Cioppa, Cali

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