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HUD to Public: ‘What Can We Do Better?’

HUD put out an online suggestion box: Could forms be simplified? Should AI play a future role? Are protected groups served fairly? How much data should be shared?

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a Request for Information, but instead of a specific program or question, it’s essentially an online suggestion box for recommendations on what it can do better.

HUD says it’s taken a number of recent actions to streamline and improve programs, and highlighted them in a recent White House report to Congress, including streamlined income verification processes in public housing and multifamily programs. But the latest call for comments boils down to, “What more can we do to further reduce burdens and increase access to programs?”

“Administrative burden – the time and effort spent learning about, applying for or documenting eligibility for government programs – has a disproportionate impact on marginalized and underserved communities,” says David Gonzalez Rice, policy advisor in the Office of the Secretary. “Reducing those burdens advances equity and furthers HUD’s mission to build inclusive, strong communities.”

Specific suggestions HUD hopes to receive

  • Which application and eligibility forms could be simplified?
  • How can HUD reduce the burden for people with disabilities, limited English proficiency and other vulnerable groups?
  • What data and information should be responsibly shared among federal agencies and/or with the public?
  • How could artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning improve or streamline HUD’s processes?
  • Most HUD programs are administered by recipients of HUD funds, so what can be done to reduce the burden these administrators of HUD funding?
  • How can HUD encourage fund recipients and administrators to simplify their processes?

The comment period is open for 30 days, through Aug. 12, 2023.

HUD opened the comment period to everyone, and specifically mentions “members of the public, including beneficiaries of HUD programs, as well as recipients and administrators, such as public housing agencies, states or local governments, tribes, housing providers and social service providers.

Comments may be submitted electronically through, or through methods described in the request for information.

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