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Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund Q&A

Florida Realtors’ members, brokers and local association staff impacted by Hurricane Idalia can apply for financial help through the association’s Disaster Relief Fund.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Realtors® Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) assists Realtors®, their employees and staff of local associations who have experienced damage to their primary residences or offices caused by natural disasters, including the recent landfall of Hurricane Idalia.

DRF Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Who is eligible for funds from Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund?
Answer: Eligible applicants are active members of Florida Realtors, staff of Florida Realtors and staff of Florida Realtors’ local boards/associations.

2. Question: Where can I find the application?
Answer: Here is the link: There is an application for damage to an applicant’s residence and a separate one for an applicant’s brokerage office. If you are a broker applying for both residential and office damage, you must complete separate applications. In addition, the brokerage office cannot be located in the same building as the residence. Note: Only the broker of an office may apply for office damage.

3. Question: What information do I need to complete the application?
 Answer: Complete all sections of the application, which include:

  • Color photos showing damage to your property.
  • A copy of your insurance summary page showing deductible and coverage information.
  • A written assessment from your insurance company and an estimate to replace or repair damaged areas, include qualifying repair receipts to date and any additional information that helps describe your disaster and subsequent damage. If an insurance company assessment and estimate isn’t available, provide a detailed description of your damage and forward the insurance company assessment and estimate once you receive it. Note: Insurance coverage isn’t required to be eligible for an award of funds.

4. Question: What type of damage does the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund cover?
Answer: Major damage to the interior and exterior of the residence and personal property losses, if approved by the Disaster Relief Trustees.

5. Question: What type of damage is NOT normally covered by the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund?
Answer: The following types of damage may not qualify for Disaster Relief Fund assistance: loss of or damage to outbuildings, cars, boats, recreational vehicles, pool and patio enclosures, pool pumps or pool equipment, blown shingles, landscaping and debris removal, perishable food losses, fencing, driveways and sidewalks, office signage, other minor damage, and loss of income. Note: The trustees will consider all applications, so please apply even if you aren’t sure your loss is eligible.

6. Question: Are tenants eligible to apply?
Answer: Yes. Tenants are welcome to apply! Provide pictures and descriptions of your damaged or destroyed personal property and the trustees will determine eligibility.

7. Question: How does the process work? What happens after I apply?
Answer: Once you submit an application, one of the DRF Trustees will review the application and provide a response. If your application is approved, Florida Realtors’ accounting team will promptly send a check to the address indicated on the application. The application has a field where you may request that the award check be sent to an address other than your residence if you’re unable to receive mail at your primary residence.

Please know that our entire team is working as quickly as possible to assist you in receiving the assistance you need to start your recovery.

Patrick A. Cairns is a Florida Realtors attorney.

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