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Stop Micromanaging and Start Leading

Agents can become more confident though leadership that provides guidance, mentorship and support.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals should not micromanage agents on their team, as it can interfere with their job performance and limit creative thinking and independent decision-making that makes agents better advocates for their clients.

Agents need the space to leverage their expertise to help clients find properties, and micromanagement can erode team trust and confidence. Micromanagement also can reduce individual agent's sense of ownership over their work and leave them unable to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Real estate firms should empower their agents through guidance, mentorship, support, and resources, such as cutting-edge technology, to ensure agents have the knowledge they need to succeed.

Leaders need to ensure that all agents are aware of the team's goals, which should be realistic given the market's dynamics and agents' abilities. Setting unrealistic expectations that can't be met, however, can damage the team's reputation and credibility within the industry, leading to potential business loss and difficulty attracting and retaining top talent.

 Important updates, market trends and client feedback should be shared quickly to keep agents abreast of changes and enable them to adjust quickly to client expectations. Effective communication can foster a team culture of cohesion, leaving agents feeling supported and able to share ideas.

Agents also should be inspired to grow their own books of business, which can be done with supportive guidance, realistic team goals, providing technology and other resources, as well as offering training, workshop and seminar opportunities.

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