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The 4-Step Checklist to Clean Up Your CRM

Are your contacts up to date? If not, use this simple checklist to clean out your database.

1. Get rid of duplicates

Duplicate records will cause confusion, especially if notes are being divided between duplicates. Remove these redundant records to save time, hassle and reduce errors.

2. Make a plan to add new contacts

The whole point of having a CRM is to accumulate contacts and manage your clients in one place. Start a system to add contacts. For example, set aside two hours every Tuesday morning to update your database. If you’re able to grow your database to 250 contacts, for example, and just 3% of them convert during the year, you’re looking at 7+ transactions.

3. Streamline

Streamline the record entry templates so that team members and assistants know where to record client information, transactions and opportunities. Here are some categories:

  • • Current budget
  • • How you met the client
  • • Current and future needs
  • • Next steps in helping this client
  • • Brief summary of the conversation

4. Follow up with old contacts

Sift through your CRM and make a list of old contacts. Now is the perfect time to reconnect. These conversations will help determine if buyers are still buyers, if sellers are still sellers and if prospects are still prospects—or if they have turned into clients. If you try to reconnect, but don’t get a response, you can archive the record. Don’t delete them—that contact could come in handy later.

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