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Broker Strategy: Trust, Loyalty and Longevity

Is that buyer or seller a “person” or a “side in the transaction”? The former builds customer loyalty over the long term – the latter not so much.

NEW YORK – Austin Nielsen is broker/owner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sioux Falls Real Estate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He says what he likes most about his career is being able to help agents understand that they are overseeing a business, and then focusing on those who may be having difficulties.

Nielsen says his approach ensures that he’s adding value to everyone’s life, which facilitates his growth and change.

“When you become a relationship-based real estate agent and firm, it changes the whole dynamic,” Nielsen says. “Instead of looking at everyone as a transaction, you actually look at someone as a whole – and that’s when you get to start building your client database.”

Nielsen says to help first-time buyers, he provides a buyer consultation to allow them to fully identify what their needs are for today, and also the next three, five and 10 years. Those plans may involve having children, upsizing a property or traveling south for the winter.

When closing a transaction, Nielsen says disclosure is essential, along with over-communicating, under-promising and over-delivering.

When faced with a challenging buyer, he says it’s essential to set expectations during the first conversation and not be afraid to fire a client.

Finally, he says sometimes there’s a lack of qualified sellers right now.

“To combat this, we’ve gotten creative with Airbnbs and reverse leases on properties, so people can sell now and move later. It gives sellers ample time to buy a home without contingency.”

Source: RISMedia (03/16/23) Larsen, Claudia

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