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11 Non-Salesy Approaches to Contact Your Real Estate Database

It’s crucial to stay top of mind with past clients, but being “salesy” can be a turnoff in today’s world. We get it! The goal is to connect in a meaningful way.

No one wants to be “sold to” these days—they never did! The key is to be authentic in your communications with your sphere of influence, friends and acquaintances. Toss out the sales scripts and come from a place of service for a win-win!

Here are 11 tips to get in touch with your past customers without asking for business:

1. Share relevant information

You know the local real estate market and are aware of trends and news that could be valuable to a homeowner. Provide that relevant information to your clients by sending out newsletters with interesting and informative summaries of current events, property news and recent sales in their area. (See Florida Realtors® SunStats®, opposite page, for info on market updates you can use.)

2. Follow up

Following up with customers is critical in any business, and the real estate industry is no exception. Calling customers after a transaction to ensure they are satisfied with your service and to ask for feedback is an excellent way to show you care. You can also follow up after sending a card to ensure they received it.

3. Personal messages

Many people like to feel appreciated and remembered, so sending a personal note to check in or offer a few local restaurant recommendations is a great way to stay in touch and show them that you care.

4. Share local community events

Share information about local events, charities and fundraisers that are happening in the community to showcase your interest and connection with the neighborhood. Consider sharing these events via social media or developing your own Facebook page for the community where you can add events information.

5. Survey your database

Do you have questions about your clients’ experiences, opinions or preferences? Create a survey to send out to your database, asking them for their feedback, ideas or opinions on any topic. Make changes where necessary to show that you value their feedback.

6. Send useful tips and tricks

Homeowners are always looking for ways to maintain and improve their homes, so sending tips and tricks or instructional videos on home improvement and maintenance is an excellent way to add value and keep in touch.

7. Offer referrals

Consider offering to refer your database to trusted contractors, home improvement specialists or other businesses in your network to provide value.

8. Wish them a happy birthday or anniversary

Everyone loves to receive birthday wishes, and sending a personalized message to your database on their special day can make them feel appreciated. You can even send a handwritten card or small gift to show how much you value their business and relationship.

9. Offer a free home valuation

Selling a home can be a stressful experience and providing a free home valuation like a yearly check-up can help put a homeowner’s mind at ease. This non-salesy tactic also helps you identify potential sellers who might want to take advantage of the rise in their home’s value and sell.

10. Invite them to a virtual or in-person seminar

Hosting a virtual or in-person event is a great way to connect with your database in a meaningful way. It could be a charity fundraiser or a homebuyer seminar. Whatever the event, make sure it offers value to your database and creates an opportunity for them to engage with you.

11. Client appreciation events

Organize client appreciation events to show gratitude toward your clients. These events could be as simple as a coffee meetup, happy hour gathering or dinner party. This provides an opportunity to spend time with your clients in a more laid-back setting and allows them to network with each other.

Maintaining a strong relationship with your database is crucial for long-term success as a real estate agent, and thankfully, there are many non-salesy ways to connect with your database. By following the above tips, you’ll stay relevant to your clients and, more importantly, show them that you care, resulting in a win-win scenario for all involved. So, don’t be afraid to reach out!  #

Darryl Davis is a business coach and trainer. He is the author of “How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate.”





Reach out in ways that are authentic to you. “I’m not comfortable walking into a big networking meeting and making a bunch of friends. I prefer to introduce or invite people out to lunch. The key is to find where we’re comfortable. I love to ride horses; I toured a $4 million listing  that came to me from someone I know from that world,” says Grant Muller, the Grant Muller Group, Compass in Denver.