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How High-Impact Marketing Accelerates Agent Success

Agents can use MAXA and Canva for graphic design help. Brokers may also provide templates or training on graphic design platforms for consistency in branding.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – As the real estate market evolves, it is important for agents to implement forward-looking marketing. For instance, handwritten notes can be useful because they are more likely to be opened, absorbed, and kept.

Agents can also provide value-added content specifically designed to be retained, such as a “secret menu” for a popular local restaurant chain added to mailers. Similarly, agents may create a buyer guide or local events guide to offer to relocating buyers.

Agents can turn to resources like MAXA and Canva for graphic design. Brokerages that do not have a graphic designer on staff may provide templates to their agents and training on using graphic design platforms to ensure they achieve a branded, consistent look across the content they release.

At the brokerage level, agents should be assisted with calculating and presenting property values to homeowners. They should also be encouraged to attend conferences and have access to resources for creating video or podcast content along with printing services for flyers, mailers, and business cards. Not all agents have a creative or artistic background, so brokerages need to offer them the necessary tools to create better marketing material.

Brokerages that keep their marketing services in-house can maintain tighter brand control while helping agents pursue new markets or door knocking. Otherwise, agents can use brand guides, templates for specific use cases, and creative services from an external marketing agency.

Source: Inman (07/28/23) Pozos, Janet

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