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Run Your Real Estate Business With a CEO Mindset

Having goals in mind and a plan in place that includes business operations, marketing, sales, technology and finance helps boost business success.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Real estate agents must strategize to ensure their business flourishes and isn't too caught up in the latest market trends.

Agents should have goals in mind and a plan in place that mirrors their business vision. These goals and vision also need to be flexible and ensure there is room for work-life balance. Readjustment is a necessary part of the real estate business.

Additionally, real estate agents need to understand and effectively handle their business operations, market and sales, technology, and finances.

Successful agents will delegate operational tasks to competent team members and focus on strategic growth, and some firms are using technology to automate listings, appointments, administrative tasks, and communication.

Agents must focus on phone calls, sending personal messages, advertising, prospecting, lead capture, and follow-up because this is the best way of building relationships and generating loyalty in the market.

Firms also should prioritize the technology tools that save time and effort, like automation and CRM systems.

Also, finance is a key priority, which is why agents should engage in monthly reconciliations and professional financial oversight to maximize profit and tax advantages.

Source: Inman (05/29/24) Frank, Sean

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