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Embracing the Mobile Experience

The mobile experience can be everything, particularly when real estate agents are providing value-added services, according to Inman.

NEW YORK – Real-estate agents who invest in mobile technology can provide clients with what they need when they need. Mobile tech allows real estate agents and customers to navigate the sale process from anywhere.

Consider some of the commonly used mobile tech:

  • Paperless documents allow for easy reading and signing from mobile devices, which a third of respondents to a Forbes survey say is their only access to the internet.
  • Advertising via social media also has become essential since younger generations no longer look to search engines for information. They rely on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and others. Agents need to be on the platforms where their clients and potential clients are already communicating, which means it may not be via email or texting.
  • WhatsApp enables messaging and file sharing as well as group chats, which could ensure agents are the most responsive they can be with clients.
  • Mobile payment systems that have direct links to bank accounts allow customers to transfer funds.

“To summarize, the comfort level with mobile business is here, and growing quickly,” Inman said. “If you take anything from this experience, it should be that the consumer will keep moving forward, with or without you.

Source: Inman (06/20/24) Rowe, Craig C.

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