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Mastering Real Estate Branding

By crafting an effective and recognizable brand identity, real estate professionals and teams can raise their profile and stay ahead of their competition.

NEW YORK – Real-estate branding is more than just a catch phrase. It should encapsulate a team’s unique value proposition (UVP), establish a cohesive brand identity and make strong visual and emotional connections to the market and its stakeholders, luxury real estate professional Chris Pollinger said.

Consider the following when developing a brand:

Understand your UVP

A UVP provides buyers and sellers something that others real estate professionals can't – services that solve specific problems or needs. To create successful UVPs, consider your team’s past successes, client feedback and market needs.

Establish a cohesive brand identity

A cohesive brand identity is a visual and verbal expression of a real estate team's values, services and personality, both online and in-person. Brand identity goes beyond flashy logos and color schemes to incorporate your core values, target audience and communication style.

Create a strong visual and emotional connection

Through a strong visual and emotional connection with the brand, clients connect with team members. Visuals, such as professional photography and sophisticated design, are essential creating a strong identity.

Use targeted market engagement

 Market engagement is critical to not only share the brand and team values, but to address market needs with services provided by the firm. Whether that's through unique market knowledge, community involvement or some other form of engagement, it should convert prospects into loyal clients.

Implement and maintain the brand identity

Every team member should implement the brand identity in their social media posts, open houses, client meetings and other community interactions. And this identity doesn't have to be static because as the market changes, so too should the brand as it moves to address client needs.

Source: Inman (03/06/24) Pollinger, Chris

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