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Become an Expert on New-Construction Inventory

The DASH platform offers updates on new- and pre-construction developments in your area that can be shared with clients.

As an agent working with new construction, it can be time-consuming to track down and stay updated on new- or pre-construction projects. DASH is a centralized online platform for licensed residential real estate agents that provides current development marketing materials, data and insights.

“DASH solves the problem of [wondering], ‘Where can I go when I want to find a new-construction or pre-construction project, or a project that’s coming soon?’” says Marilyn Mercado, sales associate at eXp Realty in Jacksonville.

For example, a buyer recently reached out to Mercado looking for a new-construction project in Dania Beach. She was able to create a folder within DASH to easily share projects in that area with the buyer.

“He can click on the link and see the two projects and decide for himself if he wants to proceed,” she says.

Here’s how Mercado uses the platform:

1. Creating folders.

You can create folders within DASH for specific purposes—for example, projects in a certain area or by a certain developer. You can even create a folder based on what a particular buyer is interested in, and send that to them to review.

2. Setting property alerts.

This feature allows you to stay updated on information pertaining to the projects you’re most interested in. You can set an alert to get updates on a specific project or about the newest inventory in an area.

3. Creating media kits.

Within the DASH platform, there are sales materials you can provide to clients interested in a new-construction project. For example, you can grab floor plans, brochures, images or video, and share that link with your client immediately.

Photo of Marilyn Mercado
Marilyn Mercado

“If I have a client reaching out to me [and] I know that project is in the DASH platform, I can easily log in and send them that material versus saying, ‘Here’s the name of a project, look it up yourself,’” Mercado says. “I should have all that material available. I should be ready when someone contacts me about the project.”

Those same materials can also be used in your own social media marketing.

4. Subscribing to DASH newsletters.

DASH provides weekly newsletters to keep users up to date even if they haven’t logged into the platform recently. Each week, it features new projects or updates on new construction, which allows you to stay posted on new-construction inventory in your area.

3 benefits of a new-construction marketing platform

Mark Wenzowski, a sales associate at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Boca Raton, has also found the DASH platform useful as a buyer’s agent. He shared the following three benefits to using the platform:

1. Centralized, real-time inventory updates. Rather than going from website to website or subscribing to multiple mailing lists, DASH is a centralized platform for all the new-construction development information agents need to effectively serve their clients. “The DASH platform provides an updated inventory list of units available and what’s on the market, which has been significantly helpful,” Wenzowski says.

2. Self-branded marketing materials. When it comes to sharing and using marketing materials, those provided via the DASH platform can be branded with each user’s logo and information. “I don’t have to take all of this branded content and reformat it to fit to my liking,” he says.

3. Hands-off approach. “DASH provides me with a hands-off approach, where I’m not necessarily calling developers and spending my time trying to collect information,” Wenzowski says. “The great thing about DASH is I don’t have to do all of that work.”

Jessica Davis is a Texas-based freelance writer.