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6 Things That Scare Realtors — and How to Get Over It All

Whether you’re new to real estate or just adjusting to today’s market, don’t let fear keep you from setting and reaching your sales goals.

Today’s market and challenges can cause fear in real estate professionals no matter how long they’ve been in the business. Forget imposter syndrome, you’ve got this! Knowledge is power. It’s time to brush up on your market knowledge, gain valuable experience and build confidence in being a top agent in any market. We rounded up six common fears faced by real estate agents and provide strategies to help you conquer them.

We’ll explore how to gain experience through mentorship and hands-on learning, increase your real estate knowledge through various educational resources, and become more familiar with your specific market. Additionally, we will discuss ways to overcome insecurities related to marketing efforts or personal challenges that may hinder your success.

By understanding these common concerns and implementing the suggested approaches, you’ll be better equipped to face any fears head-on and ultimately excel in your real estate business.

Fear #1. “I don’t have enough experience.”

Do you question your value to buyers and sellers based on your lack of industry experience? If you do, it can lead to hesitancy when marketing yourself and engaging with potential buyers and sellers. To overcome this, focus on learning from experienced mentors and taking small steps forward.

Actions items:

  • Identify at least one experienced real estate agent within your network whom you admire and approach them about becoming a mentor or offering guidance throughout your journey.
  • Schedule time each week dedicated solely toward observing other professionals within the industry—whether attending open houses or watching online webinars—so that you’re constantly learning from those around you.
  • Implement role-playing exercises to help you become more comfortable and confident in listing presentations or asking buyers to sign exclusively with you.

Resources: Florida Realtors® Take 5 videos offer peer-to-peer educational videos on everything from choosing a CRM and business planning to using ChatGPT and marketing. In addition, classes from your local association on filling out contracts and forms can be valuable.

Fear #2. “I am unclear what some of the market challenges are.”

Some agents worry about not having sufficient knowledge about the real estate industry, even when they know their local market like the back of their hand. It’s essential to invest time in gaining more understanding by attending seminars, reading books or joining online courses tailored for real estate professionals.

Action items:

  • To stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the industry, consider participating in seminars, workshops, association educational events and industry conferences. These events provide valuable insights from experts and offer networking opportunities with fellow agents who can share their experiences.
  • Dive into real estate and leadership books as well as online sites that cover various aspects of the business. From market analysis to negotiation techniques, these resources will help you expand your knowledge base while staying informed on current best practices.
  • Online courses are an excellent way to learn at your own pace without disrupting your busy schedule. Many platforms offer comprehensive programs specifically designed for real estate professionals seeking additional education or certifications.
  • Develop expertise in specific areas, such as marketing strategies or technology tools used by successful agents. By investing time and effort into continuing education, you’ll become more confident when engaging with clients and colleagues.


Fear #3. “I don’t know everything about my local market.”

New agents may feel insecure about their lack of specific market knowledge. The good news? This is super easy to remedy. Preview inventory, assess market values quickly and stay updated on local trends affecting property prices.

Action items:

  • To stay informed about available properties in your area, make it a habit to preview inventory regularly. This will help you gain firsthand knowledge of various listings and develop an eye for identifying unique selling points that might appeal to potential buyers.
  • An essential skill for any successful real estate agent is accurately determining the value of properties within their market. To hone this ability, consider using tools like comparative market analysis (CMA), which compares similar homes in the same neighborhood or attending local appraisal courses.
  • Stay informed on local trends by tracking the following information:
    Economic factors: Keep track of job growth rates, unemployment levels and new business developments in your area as these can impact housing demand.
    School districts: Stay up to date with school district rankings since they often influence homebuyers’ decisions.
    New construction projects: Be aware of upcoming residential or commercial developments that could affect property values nearby.
    Municipal policies: Familiarize yourself with zoning regulations and other municipal policies that may impact real estate in your area.
  • Resources: Florida Realtors SunStats® for local and state market data

Fear #4. Looking foolish in marketing efforts.

Many agents hesitate to promote themselves out of fear of looking unprofessional. But consistent marketing strategies like video content creation, social media presence and email campaigns can help build confidence over time.

Action items:

  • Video is a powerful tool for showcasing expertise and connecting with potential clients. Start with short videos that provide valuable information about the local real estate market or offer tips for buyers and sellers. Share on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Host live Q&A sessions or virtual open houses to further engage your audience.
  • A strong social media presence can help reach a wider audience while showcasing your personality and expertise. Share informative content related to real estate trends, property listings, client testimonials and behind-the-scenes glimpses into daily life as an agent. Engage with followers by responding to comments and messages promptly. These action items help build trust between you and potential clients.
  • Create a monthly newsletter with updates on local market conditions and recent success stories from satisfied clients. You should also craft personalized emails tailored toward specific segments of your contact list (e.g., first-time homebuyers). Incorporate eye-catching visuals like infographics or high-quality images to make emails more engaging.
  • By consistently implementing these marketing strategies, you’ll not only overcome your fear of looking foolish but also establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professional. Remember that practice makes perfect—so don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics until you find what works best for you.

Resources: Florida Realtors Photofy to create professional digital marketing content

Fear #5. Bothering friends and family.

Real estate agents often worry about being a nuisance to their loved ones when promoting their services. But leveraging personal relationships can lead to referrals and trust from potential clients who prefer hiring someone they know over a stranger. Remember: Your friends and family want you to succeed. Don’t let the fear of bothering them hold you back from sharing your expertise and passion for real estate. With a thoughtful approach to communication and marketing, you can maintain strong relationships while growing your business.

Action items:

  • Instead of hitting them with a sales pitch, focus on building genuine rapport by chatting about topics unrelated to real estate. Show interest in their lives and maintain regular contact to establish yourself as someone they can rely on for advice or assistance.
  • Share valuable information related to local market trends or property investment tips. This way, you’re positioning yourself as an expert while providing value without being pushy.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from those closest to you regarding how often they’d like updates or what type of content interests them most. By tailoring your communication style based on their preferences, you’ll strengthen existing relationships and increase the likelihood of referrals.

Resources: Florida Realtors and local associations offer education classes that can help you with scripts and dialogue. Or, look to Florida Realtor® magazine and Florida Realtors® Take 5 video.

Fear #6. Rejection or failure.

Real estate agents often face insecurities related to rejection or failure. To counter these apprehensions, it is essential for real estate agents to pursue activities that bolster mental health and promote personal growth. Two effective ways of achieving this are practicing mindfulness techniques and seeking professional guidance if necessary.

Action items:

  • Mindfulness techniques like meditation, jotting down reflections and deep breathing exercises can be helpful for real estate agents to manage the strain and tension caused by their job. Meditating can be a great aid in quieting the mind and sharpening concentration, allowing agents to tackle difficult scenarios with an even temper.
  • Journaling allows agents to reflect on their experiences and emotions while identifying areas where they can grow professionally. Additionally, deep breathing exercises like diaphragmatic breathing provide immediate relief from tension during high-pressure moments.

Resources: There are a plethora of podcasts that can offer guidance on mediation and mindfulness. A few to consider: The Mel Robbins Show, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, The Daily Motivation and The School of Greatness.

Conquering fears is essential for real estate agents to thrive in their careers. By seeking mentorship, continuously learning and gaining hands-on experience, agents can overcome the fear of not having enough experience or lacking real estate knowledge. Developing expertise in specific markets and leveraging personal relationships can also help agents overcome insecurities and build confidence in their marketing efforts. Additionally, practicing mindfulness techniques and seeking professional guidance provide valuable tools for addressing physical and mental insecurities. By implementing these strategies and continuously working on personal growth, real estate agents can confidently navigate challenges and thrive in their careers. #

Chris Scott is the digital and real estate marketing expert at The Paperless Agent.