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Steps to Take Before Every Listing Appointment

Learn as much as you can about the owner and home before the first meeting and make sure you know all of the local market trends.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals can improve closing rates from listing appointments with some preparation and a good dose of confidence.

The first step is to know the homeowner, which can entail reviewing their social media for recent life events, job changes, hobbies and where they vacationed last. This information can open the door to conversation and connection with homeowners. Agents should know that homeowner will do the same research, which is why their Google Business Profile should be active, accurate, and inviting for prospects.

Second, listing agents need to research the history of the home going up for sale, which can be done by reading previous MLS descriptions, reading up on the builder and any renovations that were done, and learning about previous listing prices.

Additionally, agents need to understand local market trends, including how many days a home is on the market, whether prices are pushing upward or falling and be able to communicate these trends to potential sellers.

Comparable home sales and similar homes currently for sale are among the most important pieces of information home sellers are looking for. Agents need to know which homes their listings will compete against and how to position that home for sale.

In meetings with potential sellers, agents should be able to communicate what sets them apart and why sellers should list their homes through them. Does the agent have a large database of buyers, do they provide professional videos for each listing and are open houses amazing and homes marketed uniquely?

Marketing a home requires careful planning and should be done before meeting with potential sellers. With examples of videos, marketing pieces and social media, agents can make the case for listing the home easier.

Listing agents also need to know their own worth by not accepting listings with reduced commissions or agreeing to advertising a seller wants that does not work for their home, among other things.

Source: Inman (06/02/24) Burgess, Jimmy

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