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Learn from the Best — Advice for Realtors from Realtors

At Florida Realtors, we're dedicated to helping you be the best at your business. That's why we tap top real estate industry leaders to share the secrets to their success. With our Take 5 series, you'll hear advice on everything from marketing and listings to market research and tech trends — from been-there, done-that real estate pros.

Branding That'll Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

When developing your brand as a Realtor, many people make the same mistake — they think it’s all about them. What you really need is that special something that makes you stand out from crowd, whether it’s a certain location, style of architecture, or a type of client.

How to Translate Business Action into Strategy

Have you ever implemented a wildly important goal? If you are looking for a new method to reach goals and objectives, consider following the advice in the book: The 4 Disciplines of Execution. By focusing on being measurement-oriented rather than being goal-oriented, brokers and Realtors have more specific ways to track and improve business.

5 Ways Realtors Can Give Back Their Community

Build a culture of giving at your brokerage by getting involved and encouraging your sales associates to participate in community services. Make it easy and fun. Sponsor events and keep an eye out for what your community really needs. Introduce people with similar interests. It’s good for business and your community.

Heather Flack: Blog content that builds

One single successful blog post can generate leads for years to come. And a successful content marketing strategy can help you score those results again and again. It’s all about knowing your audience (millennials or boomers?), creating a content schedule, and setting clear goals.

These Small Gestures Can Make a Powerful Impact for Realtors

It’s not always what you do for people that lands clients. A lot of the time, it’s how you make them feel. Real estate is about making people — because happy people will refer you. Tiny but thoughtful things you do for clients, such as sending a gift on the first anniversary of their closing or packing snacks and games for their toddler during a day of house showings, can have a huge impact.