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Learn from the Best — Advice for Realtors from Realtors

At Florida Realtors, we're dedicated to helping you be the best at your business. That's why we tap top real estate industry leaders to share the secrets to their success. With our Take 5 series, you'll hear advice on everything from marketing and listings to market research and tech trends — from been-there, done-that real estate pros.

How To Build a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign

Bing and Google AdWords allow you to use search terms that target people who search for your real estate niche. Make sure visitors go to a landing page with pertinent information. Facebook ads are designed to get in front of customers before they’ve taken steps toward buying. 

How To Build a Customer Contact Program That Nets Referrals

The key to growing referrals is to stay in contact. Start by throwing a party for people you know and trust who will refer business to you. Also, choose how you will service past customers by creating a system that keeps you in touch monthly via phone calls, emails, events and even goodie bags. Watch the video for more tips.

5 Ways to Use Instagram to Build Your Real Estate Business

Instagram is an aspiration platform. You can build an audience if you tell the story behind the story – even when selling homes. Also, convert your personal profile to a business account to access better analytics and advertisement options that will boost posts and get better exposure. Watch the video for more tips.

4 Ways for Realtors to Avoid Steering — and Fines

When a buyer asks for neighborhood recommendations, be cautious in your response. You could accidentally violate the Fair Housing Act by steering buyers to or from certain neighborhoods. And it could cost a lot of money in fines. One way to stay out of harm’s way is to direct buyers to other community resources, such as school district information or county crime reports. Watch the video for more tips.

5 Video Ideas to Help You Build Your Brand and Land Clients

Video is all the rage in social media. Something simple, such as a prerecorded birthday video that you can send friends on Facebook, goes a long way to generate good will and get your name out there. The best option for video, though, is a neighborhood profile. Let potential customers “see” what it’s like to live in this area. Watch the video.

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas with High-Dollar Results

Meet or call 10 people a day. The only cost is your time. Prospects can be customers, colleagues, vendors, friends and even people at the grocery store. Your goal is to establish business connections that will help spread the word that you’re the real estate professional of choice.